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  • Win big prizes

  • Compete and make friends

  • Mix fun, skill and luck!

Sounds like fun? The idea is simple...

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Classic Game Shows

Gamevy’s got some great ideas

Forgive us if we don’t spell out our exact MVP right now. But we can tell you that we’re going to create online gameshows with big prizes where everyone has a chance of winning, but has fun even if they don’t.

We’ve reviewed over 3000 TV gameshows and from those we’ve established a number of ‘game atoms’ and mechanics that work against certain criteria (like how fun they are, whether they work online, whether they can be monetised, are they potentially doable etc.)

We have a small stable of worked-up ideas. Next step – Rebuilding those bare bone ideas into new fresh online gameshows, testing the games, the business model and the viability of building them and see which idea puts its nose over the finishing line first… Warning! We believe in Lean Startup. Our ideas are liable to change at short notice based on feedback.

Who’s behind the big idea?

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Gamevy believes in no bosses and lots of play.

We are employee-owned - which means that if we win, everybody wins, not just the founders. We are self-funded (which is code for very motivated) and we believe passionately in building a company in a different way. We’re following in the steps of other pioneers who have achieved flat structures with motivated, dedicated employees who think and act like the owners and partners they are.

Employee Ownership. Better Business.

Who are the Gamevy Founders?

Paul has started (and succeeded) with other tech start-ups. Dan has managed serious technical projects all over the world using new technologies. Helen has launched numerous brands and products as a marketer and branding expert. We’ve also built and launched a successful product together before – so we know how to work together.

We're delighted that two expert developers have joined the team! It's the start of fun and games for Gamevy ... quite literally. In the next few weeks we plan to add to the team further to build a company that can make amazing products and do things differently.

I started my first business at 9, selling ink cartridges to kids with fountain pens – it wasn’t an obvious first step towards a career in technology, but I progressed to setting up a search engine business. Since selling it, I’ve helped launch Banana Republic in Europe for Gap, worked as IT Director for the world’s largest education business, Pearson, and launched an education programme, which is now the BCS standard for Agile. I’m also a award winning private investor so I have plenty of experience of innovative start-ups. When I’m not doing that stuff, I’m playing games. Finally it looks useful!

I’ve been a developer, a consultant and a Head of Software Development. I’ve worked at tiny innovative companies and global giants – highlights include, 7digital, BBC Worldwide and Maersk Lines. I’ve experienced how companies can harness the creative talents of their teams, and how they can fail. I think people need to have pride in their work and the power to turn that pride into products that delight users. Part of that is my passion for code quality and the tools that support it.

I’m a writer and marketing manager who enjoys solving problems, trying out ideas and making things happen. I started my career at Unilever, (back in the glory days when advertising budgets meant long, boozy lunches). Since then my work has included a column in the Daily Mail, naming lipsticks, saving literature (all right it was only a game, but we did win a NIBBIE) and writing an IT course. I help companies and brands find what they should be saying to the customers, how they should say it and think about unexpected ways to get that message across.

Graham worked with Dan at 7digital where they laid the foundations of their working relationship – developing a superb range of insults. They are delighted to have the chance to take these even further. After 7digital, Graham has worked as a contractor for a number of companies, developing bespoke commodity trading applications. He’s excited to be back in the fun world of building new applications from scratch on a shoestring – and testing out his new insults.

Marek began his career as a developer for IBM, before switching to the music online-service Last.fm. He works in web development using Java, CSS, HTML, PHP – and any other web technologies he can lay his hands on. He has a particular passion for prototyping, trying things out and seeing users engaging with what he’s built. Marek moved from Germany two years ago and thoroughly enjoys the London start up scene, taking part in many hackdays. He has built several games – including Wortopia, a multi-player word-playing game, and urmash.

Chris is a designer and illustrator who has worked in brand, print and digital. Favourite projects include wrapping paper for The Guardian, book wallpaper for an event, print adverts for Renault, animations and music production. He also once worked as a croupier in Leeds where he was fired for managing to hit his pit boss with the roulette ball. He’s sure all the experiences will come in useful at Gamevy.

Fred. There are rumours that he works for Gamevy, but they have not been confirmed. This shadowy figure is occasionally glimpsed through the undergrowth and can be identified by its fedora and pencil.